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Consulting in Diversity & Inclusion
and Supplier Diversity

Our team leverages 60+ years of corporate, non-profit, quasi-governmental and leadership experience to help clients build better businesses and enhance the effectiveness of people, cultures and systems.

Our approach to address the challenges of diversity and inclusion is framed through the lenses of corporate leadership and culture.

We work with institutional leaders to create systemic change by addressing practices, behaviors and structures that prohibit access and opportunity for underrepresented groups in the workplace.

We challenge organizational leaders to:

1.       Take a close look at company practices and behaviors to uncover both conscious and unconscious biases

2.       Develop strategies to create fair, equitable and just work environments for everyone

3.       Create cultures that give every stakeholder a voice and that encourages the contributions of all

You are not alone. We work with you to navigate the path to your end goal. We help you do the hard work.

What this means for you

  • We Facilitate strategic planning around diversity and inclusion

  • We Facilitate difficult conversations

  • We Provide an objective assessment of D&I plans

  • We Work with you to implement your D&I strategy

  • We Connect you with talent to meet your corporate goals

Consulting with Diversity & Inclusion

  • Purpose

  • Vision Statement

  • Mission Statement

  • Core Values

  • Value Proposition

  • Communication Campaign

  • Facilitate Difficult Conversations

  • Develop a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Business Conference

Guidance with Supplier Diversity 

Corporate consulting services & the development of software solution-based services to assist with the following areas in consulting for supplier management:

  • Identification of quality suppliers

  • Selection and segmentation

  • Onboarding

  • Performance management

  • Information management

  • Risk management

  • Relationship management

  • Offboarding

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