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Business Roundtable: Patricia Newby, MBA, President & Founder of Strategic Business Partnerships

Business Roundtable: Patricia Newby, MBA, President & Founder of Strategic Business Partnerships

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Patricia's Journey

Unbeknownst to her, an elementary school trip to NASA was the first step of Patricia’s journey into the world of Aerospace and Defense. With a NASA poster on her bedroom wall, this 11-year old girl dreamed of being an astronaut. Her dreams were shattered when she learned the return space capsule had to land in the ocean. She couldn’t swim and the thought of swimming scared her right out of wearing a spacesuit. As she got older, Patricia realized she had a real knack for numbers. 

While at college, Patricia was recruited by Westinghouse Electric Corporation to attend a seminar about their engineering work-study program that was designed to increase the number of minorities in engineering. Enrolling in the program a year later as a Mechanical Engineering major, started a journey that would be life-defining.  She changed her focus and became a computer science major, completing her degree at Loyola College.

From software engineer to systems engineer to technical manager, Patricia found her next passion- program and project management. This passion led to positions of increasing responsibility. One such role was the most challenging of her career. She was challenged to turn around a struggling subsidiary. Doubling revenue and growing profits double-digits provided the foundation for her winning formula for running successful businesses. 


Today, Patricia CEO’s, owners, and leaders Build Better Businesses. In 2012, she launched Strategic Business Partnerships, a business coaching, consulting and strategy company. Patricia’s vision is to create a support system enabling small businesses to survive and thrive. And for leaders in large businesses, to use their unique leadership style to build great teams and create winning cultures.


Patricia has always been passionate about giving back to her community and helping others to be their best selves. Throughout her career, she has participated in mentoring programs for high school students and for professional women. Through leadership roles in employee resource groups, partnerships with community organizations and as a member of boards and advisory councils, Patricia has leveraged her corporate experience to help these organizations attain their goals.
Patricia firmly believes that “Everything I have experienced to this point in my life has been in preparation for this moment. Helping business owners and corporate leaders to take their companies from surviving to thriving by building great teams and winning cultures."

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